Sound Library

Sound Library

Drums were recorded by Hairball Audio’s Gabe Nardin at a private studio. A fantastic local drummer Eric Eagle was kind enough to play for us. We recorded two separate beat styles and each set of clips are different takes.

Electric Guitar
Guitar samples use variations of a G&L S-500 (Strat STyle) with the bridge pick-up, a modified AC-15, Epiphone Casino (P-90s) with the bridge pick-up, and 67 Blackface Fender Champ recorded using a Shure SM-57.

Accoustic Guitar
Martin 000-28 and Rode NT-2 condenser mic at 12th Fre

Electric Bass
Fender P-Bass recoded using the direct input and no output attenuation.

Tracks were compressed through a FET/RACK Revsion D. All tracks (minus vocal sample) were recorded through our Lola Mic Pre with JE 990 DOA's. All tracks were gain matched as best as possible. Compression on some samples were exaggerated in order to easily hear the compressor's characteristics.

User Submitted
If you would like to share sounds you've made with your Hairball Audio gear, upload a track and use #hairballaudio (or tag us in a comment). We'll repost it to this playlist.