Revision D FET/RACK BOM and Build Map
PCB Version 2.0 and Later


1. For sorting purposes, leading zeros have been added to part numbers. For example R3 will appear as R003 on this list.
2. CN17 is for mounting the optional Active Link and that connector is included with the Active Link kit.
3. 1N4003 diodes have been substituted for 1N4004 diodes since we already stock them and they are just the higher voltage version.
4. 1N914 and 1N4148 diodes can be used interchangeably.
5. R-OPT is not supplied with the kit. It's an optional mod to tame the input if you feel you need it. You can use any 100Ω resistor 1/8W or higher that will fit. Details can be found on the input mod page. If you're not using the mod, leave that space empty.

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